Monday, June 23, 2008


Part part dare/part pervasive game, the activity known as AmazeR is growing rapidly across Europe. The AmazeRNetwork who have been building members across Germany, Belgium, France and England over the last 18 months over see the game and its rules. Which are as follows:

  1. You can become a Maze Master over a local Maze - Unless someone else has claimed it.
  2. As Maze Master you must accept challenges from any player.
  3. If a Maze Master is challenged, they must hide a box in their maze at dusk. 
  4. The Maze Master must post online immediately that the box is hidden.
  5. The player then has only one night to find the box, in the dark, in the maze.
  6. If you retrieve the box and its contents, you then become the Maze Master and have to hide the box for the next player.

The boxes are becoming increasingly difficult to find as player paint and camouflage them in various ways so as to retain their status as Maze Masters. Apparently one box in France was buried, but the Maze Master in questions denies this.

However, a serious problem with this game arises in that many of the mazes in question are on private property. Therefore, to play the game involves trespassing. Not such a major crime except for when the Mazes are located on heavily patrolled royal property as with Hampton Court where a Maze Master is now accepting challenges.